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Richard Weerts 
Richard Weerts has been involved in the online directory information business for 4 years. Most recently he was the COO of 555-1212.com, Inc., a subscription based consumer and small business online service for telephone company based directory assistance. 
Mr. Weerts has experience working directly with all types of business customers of directory data, including XML Web Service consumers, batch and custom HTML interfaces. 
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Phone: (800) 396-3179  
Kendal Rogers 
Kendal Rogers is a principal in Recognos, Inc., an international software applications development company. Kendal has direct experience working with clients on defining requirements for projects, and ensuring satisfactory delivery. He has a Certified Public Accounting background. 
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George Roth 
George is the main architect of NDIS systems. He has extensive experience in developing distributed systems for large companies in the US and Europe. George is also a principal in Recognos, Inc. He has a strong mathematics and software development background. 
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