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"As a company that purchases real estate, this amazing service of 411XML saves us enormously … we couldn't find any other XML service with data this accurate .... The accuracy, speed, and reliability are impressive!"

Mr. Mark Walter
Managing Partner, 1-877-GetFullPrice Marketing, LLC
"Your service is invaluable to me and it's at a great price!"

Mr. Davy Keith
Owner, Keith Investigations, LLC
"Frankly, we think your data is better than anything else we have seen out there. Most of our customers want the premium look up from you ..."

Mr. Scott Kliger
Searchlight Networks, LLC
"You're the first company that has really given us exactly what we need for integration with no hassle. If I can recommend anyone to you I'll definitely do that."

Mr. Tim Mattison
Mattison & Rosenthal Consulting, Inc.
"The IVR and directory information experts at National Directory Information Services understood our business and had the entire system live within a few days. They made it possible for us to become a 24x7 telephone-based mortgage loan application incoming call center."

Patrick Drummond
Principal, EXXL Mortgage
"We increase productivity by not wasting time on stale or incorrect contact information. Thank You!"

Jon G Peters
Sr Loan Officer, New West Capital