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411XML Announces Services for VoIP Resellers

411XML E-Zine

National Directory Information Services, LLC, under its 411XML trademark, is now providing two valuable services for VoIP resellers. 
Now, with a simple query over the internet, qualified vendors can obtain the CNAM text associated with almost any phone number to supplement detail call record data or for real-time caller name reporting to their customers. This service has traditionally been available over SS7 (traditional telephone) networks. VoIP and toll-free service vendors at all levels can now get the same data by making a simple HTTPS query. 
Get even more data from our CNAM service: 
Even better than typical CNAM services, clients can also elect to obtain more complete names, substituting directory assistance names when available for a particular number. 
Either service also returns a city, state and zip estimate for the number's location. 
Many VoIP vendors and resellers are obtaining their wholesale services as "Inbound DID Only" services. Usually this type of service does not come with the ability to publish a directory assistance 411 listing for the DID. 411XML has solved this problem by offering bulk DA listing submission services at very reasonable rates. Business end-user customers will be especially interested in 411XML's creative multiple listing placements to put business listings in more places than just its "home" office. 
Toll-free number providers can also use this service to place their customer's listings in many localities, making their toll-free listing available to many more requests by a directory assistance caller to find a business by name and city. 
Such listing coverage by 411XML includes placement in 1-800-Free411, the leader in the exploding free directory assistance business. Combining DA listing broadcasting with focused ads placed on 1-800-Free411 creates a very powerful marketing program that makes the phones ring without having to deal with local telephone companies. 
There are differences in the way 411 listings submission services work compared to local telephone company listings; coverage may vary from local listings. Contact 411XML for a thorough explanation and ask about a risk-free trial.

- Richard Weerts