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TeleQuery Rolls Out Desktop Search App

411XML E-Zine

Instant. Accurate. Professional. 
These three words perfectly sum up the new directory search product from TeleQuery. Telequery is a downloaded desktop application with powerful search features. "A desktop application has many advantages over browser-based search forms," says 411XML founder Richard Weerts. "The power and simplicity is amazing. And every listing on every result page is automatically saved to a file on your PC for later review." 
A professional researcher's time is valuable; this tool is the most effective we have seen. Non-published information is also available to qualified clients. The billing model is pay-as-you-go; there are no recurring monthly charges and no long-term commitments. 
Learn more by watching a video demonstration and then try the TeleQuery search system yourself. Download it and get started immediately at www.TeleQuery.net 
TeleQuery is a trademark of TeleQuery.Net, Inc.

- Richard Weerts