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Case Study

New West Capital maintains list accuracy and increases sales efficiency by using National Directory Information Services

New West Capital can update their contact lists and locate new leads– quickly and easily with National Directory Information Services (411XML) Batch Processing.  
411XML Batch Processing eliminates the need to manually search for missing customer contact data. This powerful, yet easy-to-use directory assistance tool automates bulk searches for missing names, addresses and phone numbers – saving time and money. Appended records can be returned in either Real-Time data or Near-Time data. 411XML Batch Processing offers the power of 411XML for updating lead or contact files of any size. National Directory Information Services’s proprietary algorithms access multiple sources of gold-standard telco data, and other telco-verified sources, including millions of unlisted numbers and complete addresses on millions of others where telco listings do not include complete postal information, including secondary addresses (eg. Apt. #s). Through our reverse phone functionality, National Directory Information Services also offers complete address information by providing only a single phone number.