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Case Study

Exxl Mortgage expands business using an automated 24 x 7 loan-by-phone application provided by National Directory Information Services

Exxl Mortgage is participating in a program with National Directory Information Services to jointly develop a Veterans Administration (VA) streamline refinance loan-by-phone program. National Directory Information Services provided the interactive voice response platform to handle all incoming calls, the technical programming to make it all work, and a comprehensive, secure web interface that allows Exxl to see each incoming call. 
The web interface is simple to use and allows Exxl to view all the data and hear voice responses provided by every applicant caller for every step of the automated voice application. Also within the web interface, they have instant access to the current directory listings associated with every caller’s phone number. This allows Exxl to pre-qualify and make call-backs with as much information as possible about the applicant, making is easier to close loans even with those applicants that did not complete the entire automated voice application. 
The dedicated toll-free number and detailed information about incoming calls in response to their advertising program allowed Exxl to quickly refine and modify their marketing approach while the program is still active. Complete documentation of every incoming call makes the Do-Not-Call list irrelevant to this program; every outbound call is in response to the incoming caller’s application or request for more information. 
National Directory Information Services has combined and delivered several technologies to result in a comprehensive, customer-friendly, productive way for Exxl Mortgage to close more loans.