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Case Study

Hamilton Telecommunications integrates 411XML® form-fill technology to improve customer service and data quality

With Hamilton™ call center services, small-company responsiveness and flexibility come hand in hand with big-business technology.  
Hamilton Telecommunications™ inbound sales call center services are always provided with the lighter, brighter, smarter attitude that shines through all Hamilton™ does. Hamilton™ uses the latest technology to immediately populate contact screens for previous customers. 
Hamilton™ wanted to treat new callers the same way. Hamilton knows that their operators are directly representing their retail client companies. First impressions are the most important. Instead of completing a blank form every time a call from a new customer comes in, Hamilton wanted to present their call operators with a screen immediately populated with the caller's complete name and address information whenever possible. 
National Directory Information Services worked closely with Hamilton™ technical personnel to integrate screen-pop data for unknown callers using 411XML search-by-phone technology. Sample code, direct coding assistance and a simplified custom XML response scheme were provided. 
411XML data service provides not only complete and accurate caller name and address, but phone number type (cell or land line) and USPS mailability information. If the address is incomplete in any way, the call operator knows this immediately and can confirm with the caller. 
Even when 411XML cannot provide name and address, the city and state are provided for any valid phone number in the US, including cell phones. City and state only responses are provided free of charge. 
Hamilton™ operators appear smarter and more attentive to the caller on behalf of their clients. This leaves a lasting impression on the callers that fosters loyalty.  
Now Hamilton™ enjoys faster calls, more satisfied callers and USPS zip+4 standardized data coming out of the inbound call program.